Selecting an IP Address Range for Your Redis Instance

Each Cloud Memorystore for Redis instance has an assigned IP address range. This range is either automatically chosen or specified manually when creating an instance. If you want to specify the range yourself, two conditions must be met:

  • The range must be a valid RFC 1918 private IP range.
  • The range can't overlap with any existing subnets from the authorized network or other Redis instances.

If you want to specify your own range, you'll need to know which ranges are unavailable in your project. To find out all IP address ranges that are unavailable:

  1. Go to the VPC Networks page in the Google Cloud Platform Console.
    VPC Networks
  2. In the list of VPC networks, find the network that you want to authorize.
  3. Make note of all IP address ranges assigned to subnets in that network. The IP address range you choose for the Redis instance must not overlap with any of these ranges.
  4. Enter the command to list all instances in the project. Make note of all the IP address ranges assigned to each of the Redis instances. This is listed in the reserved-ip-range column.

    gcloud redis instances list

A reserved IP address block of size /28 or /29 is sufficient for instances in Basic and Standard Tiers.

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