Supported versions

Memorystore for Redis is backed by open source Redis software. Memorystore currently supports Redis versions 4.0 and 3.2. The default version is Redis 4.0. For a history of Memorystore for Redis product updates, see the Release notes.

Version support policy

Memorystore for Redis supports one patch version for every major OSS Redis version listed in the Current versions section of this page. The patch is kept up to date on a regular basis during maintenance periods. Memorystore for Redis monitors for any critical patches that need to be applied to your instance. Critical security patches are rolled out outside of the regular maintenance period. See Maintenance policy for more details.

Current versions

This table outlines the current patch levels for the supported Redis versions and when each version was last updated:

Redis major version Patch level Last update
3.0 3.2.11 June 21, 2018
4.0 (default) 4.0.12 June 17, 2019

Redis version 4.0

The table below outlines Memorystore support of some major features introduced by OSS Redis version 4.0.

Feature Description Supported in Memorystore for Redis
Cache eviction improvements Supports new Least Frequently Used (LFU) eviction policy. See Redis documentation for more details. Yes, exposed under eviction policy configuration parameters.
Active defragmentation Introduces the ability to defragment memory while Redis is running. Yes, exposed under eviction policy configuration parameters. Default setting: Off.
Redis Modules Redis now allows developers to write modules that can extend the Redis functionalities and implement new data types. No.