Redis tier capabilities

This page describes the differences between the available Redis tiers.

Memorystore for Redis supports Basic and Standard Tiers. The Basic Tier is best suited for applications that use Redis as a cache and can withstand a cold restart and full data flush. Standard Tier instances provide High Availability using replication and automatic failover.

Specifications Basic Tier Standard Tier
Description Provides a cache with no replication Provides redundancy and availability using replication
Max instance size 300 GB 300 GB
Max network bandwidth 12 Gbps 12 Gbps
Stackdriver Monitoring Yes Yes
Scale memory¹ Yes Yes
Cross-zone replication No Yes
Automatic Failover No Yes

¹ Basic Tier instances experience a downtime and a full cache flush during scaling up or down. Standard Tier instances experience minimal downtime and loss of some unreplicated data during the scaling operation. For more information, see Scaling Behavior.
2 During maintenance, Basic Tier instances undergo a full cache flush and Standard Tier instances undergo a failover. For more information see Maintenance policy.