Fully managed in-memory data store service for Redis and Memcached.

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Fully managed in-memory data store service

Memorystore provides a fully managed in-memory data store service built on scalable, secure, and highly available infrastructure managed by Google. Use Memorystore to build application caches that provide sub-millisecond data access. Memorystore is compatible with the Redis and Memcached open source protocol, allowing easy migration with zero code changes.

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Focus on building great apps

Spend more time writing code and less time managing by taking advantage of the power of open source Redis and Memcached. Memorystore automates complex tasks like enabling high availability, failover, patching, and monitoring so that you can spend more time coding.

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Scale as needed

With Memorystore, you can easily achieve the sub-millisecond latency and throughput your applications need. Start with the lowest tier and smallest size and then grow your instance effortlessly with minimal impact to application availability. Memorystore for Memcached can support clusters as large as 5 TB supporting millions of QPS at very low latency.

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Highly available

For use cases requiring high availability, Memorystore for Redis instances are replicated across two zones and provide a 99.9% availability SLA. Instances are monitored constantly, and with automatic failover, applications experience minimal disruption.

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Google-grade security

Memorystore instances are isolated and protected from the internet using private IPs and are further secured using IAM role-based access control.

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Easy lift and shift

Memorystore is fully compatible with the open source protocol. You can lift and shift your applications from open source Redis and Memcached to Memorystore without any code changes. There is no need to learn new tools since all existing tools and client libraries just work.


Choice of engines

Choose from the two most popular open source caching engines to build your applications. Memorystore supports both Redis and Memcached and is fully protocol compatible. Choose the right engine that fits your cost and availability requirements.


Memorystore is protected from the internet using VPC networks and private IP and comes with IAM integration—all designed to protect your data. Systems are monitored 24/7/365, ensuring your applications and data are protected.

Fully managed

Provisioning, replication, failover, and patching are all automated, which drastically reduces the time you spend doing DevOps.


Monitor your instance and set up custom alerts with Cloud Monitoring. You can also integrate with OpenCensus to get more insights to client-side metrics.

Highly available

Standard Tier Memorystore for Redis instances provide a 99.9% availability SLA with automatic failover to ensure that your instance is highly available. You also get the same availability SLA for Memcached instances.


Memorystore is compatible with open source protocol which makes it easy to switch your applications with no code changes. You can leverage the import/export feature to migrate your Redis and Memcached instance to Google Cloud.

At Descartes Labs, we have long been fans of Redis and its high performance. We have used Redis on everything from storing asynchronous task queues for tens of thousands of CPUs to a centralized persisted key value pair store for the feature vectors output by our ML models. Memorystore provides an agile, scalable, no-operations instance for Redis that we can instantly provision and scale without administration burdens.

Tim Kelton, Co-founder and Cloud Architect, Descartes Labs

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Memorystore for Redis instance pricing is charged per GB-hour. The charge depends on the service tier, capacity tier, and region where the instance is provisioned. There is no up-front commitment when you use Memorystore.

The table below outlines the pricing for Basic Tier instance in the Iowa Region. Please see our Memorystore pricing guide for detailed pricing for all tiers and regions.

Capacity Tier Capacity Price
M1 1- 4 GB $0.049 per GB-hr
M2 5 - 10 GB $0.027 per GB-hr
M3 11 - 35 GB $0.023 per GB-hr
M4 36-100 GB $0.019 per GB-hr
M5 >100 GB $0.016 per GB-hr
Network Ingress Ingress into Memorystore: Free
Network Egress Egress from Memorystore: Free

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