Managing billing for Marketplace

This page describes how to manage, change, or cancel billing for Cloud Marketplace solutions.

For information on pricing plans and how you are billed, see Understanding billing.

Before you begin

  • To manage billing for your organization, you must have the correct Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles or permissions for Cloud Billing, which are explained in relevant sections of this page. For details on billing permissions, see the Overview of Cloud Billing access control.

  • If you are managing billing for a Kubernetes app within your organization:

    • Ensure that all users who will deploy the solution have the following IAM roles:

      • Viewer (roles/viewer) for the project where a Kubernetes app will be deployed.

      • Editor (roles/editor) for any project that you want to add a managed service for.

      • Service Account User (roles/iam.serviceAccountUser) for the project or above service account.

      • Service Account Key Admin (roles/iam.serviceAccountKeyAdmin) for the project or above service account.

    • Create a service account, which is used to report usage data for the solution to Google.

      The service account does not require any specific roles or permissions, but must be linked to your plan. To add a service account to your billing plan, see Changing your billing plan.

  • Depending on the solution, you might need to grant additional IAM roles to your users. For example, if you are deploying a Kubernetes app, users must also have the Kubernetes Engine Admin role (roles/container.admin) for the project or cluster where the app will be deployed.

    For steps to grant roles to users, see the IAM documentation.

Managing a project's Cloud Billing account

If your project uses any commercial Cloud Marketplace solutions that are not free, it must be linked to a Cloud Billing account. The cost of the solutions is charged to your project's linked Cloud Billing account.

You can link one Cloud Billing account to multiple projects, but you can not link more than one Cloud Billing account at a time to a single project.

Changing a project's Cloud Billing account

Before changing a project's Cloud Billing account, consider the following:

  • You cannot modify billing if the project has an existing Cloud Marketplace subscription plan. To cancel a Cloud Marketplace plan, see Canceling your plan.
  • To avoid disruption of service or loss of data, the new Cloud Billing account must be authorized to use any paid Cloud Marketplace solutions that you currently have in your project. Otherwise, you see a warning in the Cloud Console. To authorize paid solutions to a Cloud Billing account, you must have the billing.subscriptions.create permission, which requires that you are a Billing Account Administrator.

To disable or change a project's Cloud Billing account:

  1. Go to the Billing page.
  2. Click Account Management to see the details of your available Cloud Billing account or accounts, including a list of the projects linked to each available Cloud Billing account.
  3. Click on the linked project to update its Cloud Billing account.

Managing billing plans

When you purchase a commercial Kubernetes app or managed service in Google Cloud Marketplace, you must select a billing plan on behalf of your organization.

After setting up a billing plan, you can make the solution available to users in your organization so that they can deploy it. Users in your organization can deploy a solution in all projects that are linked to the same billing account.

Selecting a billing plan

To select a billing plan for a commercial Kubernetes app or managed service:

  1. Go to Cloud Marketplace and click on the solution.

    Go to Cloud Marketplace

  2. From the Configure menu, select Select Plan.

  3. Review the terms of service for the app. When you are ready to accept the terms, click Continue.

You can share the Cloud Marketplace page for the solution with users in your organization.

Changing your billing plan for Kubernetes apps

  1. In Cloud Marketplace, open the solution.

  2. Select Manage Plan.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • To add another service account to your billing plan, in the Service account field, enter the service account.

    • To cancel the subscription, click Cancel plan.

Canceling your plan

If you want to cancel your plan for a solution, use the steps below. To see a list of your Cloud Marketplace purchases, open the Cloud Marketplace page.

To cancel your plan:

  • Anthos trial: See Disabling Anthos.

  • Virtual machines: Delete your deployment. If you're billed separately by the vendor, you might need to contact them to cancel your license.

  • Managed services: Open the Cloud Marketplace page for the product, then click Cancel purchase or Cancel subscription. If you don't want your subscription to renew automatically, click Cancel auto-renewal.

  • Kubernetes applications: Open the Cloud Marketplace page for the product, click Manage plan, then click Cancel plan. If you're billed separately by the vendor, you might also need to contact them to cancel your license.

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