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Disabling Anthos

If you are a pay-as-you-go customer, you can choose to disable Anthos and immediately stop your Anthos billing. If you have an Anthos subscription, you can also follow these instructions to disable Anthos for a project, though disabling the API does not affect your subscription. Disabling Anthos removes your entitlement to use Anthos features and components. You can then decide to keep the clusters but uninstall the components, or clean up your Anthos clusters entirely to avoid incurring any further Google Cloud charges.

For more information about how to pay for Anthos, including subscription options, see our pricing guide.

Disabling the Anthos API

Disabling the Anthos API for a project immediately stops your Anthos pay-as-you-go billing for the relevant project. After you have disabled the API, you are no longer entitled to use Anthos features and components in this project until you reenable the API (and restart billing) or sign up for an Anthos subscription. Installed Anthos components and your underlying workloads and clusters are not affected.

To disable the API for a project:


  1. Go to the Anthos API overview page in the Google Cloud console, ensuring the appropriate project is selected.

    Go to the Anthos API page

  2. Click Disable API.


Run the following command:

gcloud services disable

Cluster cleanup options

After you have disabled the API, there are two cleanup options for managing your Anthos-registered clusters.

Deleting Anthos-registered clusters

This cleanup option avoids incurring further Google Cloud charges for the clusters. To delete a GKE cluster, follow the instructions for your deployment option:

Uninstalling Anthos components

If you want to keep your clusters (for example, if you registered an existing cluster with production workloads with Anthos) but don't want to keep Anthos components, you can manually uninstall or disable them.

The following guides show you how to uninstall the relevant components:

After you have uninstalled the components, unregister the cluster from your project fleet following the instructions in Unregistering a cluster. Note that not all Anthos cluster types can be unregistered.

Reenabling Anthos

If you accidentally disable the Anthos API, your clusters and their workloads are still there, with Anthos components installed. This means that you can easily reenable Anthos without going through a full setup by just enabling the API for your project.