Manage procurement requests

If you want to govern the procurement process for Cloud Marketplace software as a service (SaaS) products within your Organization, you can enable Procurement Requests. This notifies you when a user wants to have a product procured for them and allows you to review and authorize their request.

When Procurement Requests are enabled, the Request Procurement button replaces the Subscribe button on SaaS product pages for users who don't have the permission for the project's associated billing account.

Users search for a SaaS product in the Cloud Marketplace, and then click the Request Procurement button to send a message to the accounts with the Billing Account Administrator role for the Organization. The requester can include information about the request, (such as business rationale, plan, or license), in these messages.

The administrators then review the request and, using internal review and procurement processes, either procure the product or deny the request. The administrators must update the request's status and provide any additional information, such as access information, to the requester. Requesters are only messaged when the request is marked either Complete or Declined.

Once the request has been completed or declined, the requester receives an email with the results and any additional comments from the administrator. If the request is denied, the requester can request the product again.

You can optionally turn on Google Private Marketplace to manage which products your users can view and use.

Before you begin

  • Review the following table to ensure that you assign the correct permissions for each user. Each action is needed to utilize this feature.

  • You must have at least one account that can receive procurement notifications to enable Procurement Requests.

  • You must have at least one account that can procure products for each billing account in your Organization.

Action Permissions or Roles Level at which role/permission is assigned
Enable Procurement Requests Organization Administrator roles/resourcemanager.organizationAdmin AND (Catalog Org Admin roles/cloudprivatecatalogproducer.orgAdmin OR Commerce Organization Governance Admin roles/commerceorggovernance.admin) roles Organization level
Receive Procurement Notifications Billing Account Administrator (roles/billing.admin) role Organization level
Manage Procurement Requests Organization Viewer (roles/resourcemanager.organizationViewer) role AND Viewer (roles/viewer) role Organization level permission Organization level

Enabling Procurement Requests

By default, procurement requests are disabled for your Organization.

To enable procurement requests:

  1. In Cloud Marketplace, click on Marketplace Governance.

    Go to Marketplace

  2. In Governance Settings, click the toggle to enable procurement requests.

  3. You can optionally provide guidelines about the information you need to review requests and procure products, by editing the Procurement Request Details.

    URLs are converted to hyperlinks, but no other formatting is supported.

    When complete, click Save Details.

Users who are unable to procure products can now request procurement for Cloud Marketplace SaaS products. Users with the permission see no change in how they interact with third-party Cloud Marketplace SaaS products.

Managing Requests

Accounts with the permission on the Organization can view all procurement requests in the Organization, and can Complete or Deny requests.

Procurement requests are associated with both a user and a project, so you can receive multiple requests for the same product.

Administrators that can manage requests receive requests through email. You can also open the Marketplace Governance page, and then click Manage Requests to view all requests.

  1. Open procurement request to view the request details.

  2. Review the details. You can go directly to a purchase page for the product in the Request Details.

  3. If you procure the product, enter a message to the requester, including any information required to access the product or administrator contact information, and then click Complete. This option is available after you have procured the product.

    If you do not procure the product, enter a message to the requester, and then click Deny.

An email is sent to the requester with the status of their request and any message you included. The procurement request is then moved to the appropriate tab in the Manage Requests page.

The email sent to the requester doesn't include contact information for the administrator and can't be used to message them, and replies to the notification aren't forwarded to administrators. When procuring a product to fulfill a request, ensure that either the requester has all the information needed to access the product or the requester has contact information for the product's administrator.

Multiple people can request the same product. Each request must be completed to move it from the Pending tab.