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Convert more candidates by surfacing the right jobs at the right time

Cloud Jobs API is proud to be part of Google for Jobs - a broader commitment to help people find jobs more easily. The Jobs API gives the industry plug and play access to Google’s search and machine learning capabilities, enabling company career sites, job boards, applicant tracking systems and staffing agencies to improve the experience of job seekers who visit their sites to find jobs.

Deliver relevant job search results

Job postings are often worded in industry- and company-specific jargon that job seekers don’t search for. By understanding the relationships between job content, skills, seniority, location and many other signals, sites powered by Cloud Jobs API deliver more relevant search results and recommendations to their users.

Attract candidates based on commute search

Employees with shorter commutes are more likely to join and more likely to stay. Use Cloud Jobs API’s commute search feature to help candidates find jobs and employers that fit their location and commute preferences.

Simple integration

Get up and running in no time with an easy API integration. Simply insert your job content into a private tenant on the Google Cloud Platform and the Jobs API classifiers will get to work mapping your content to the pre-trained models. User queries are then parsed and deconstructed to understand the intent of the user before the jobs are retrieved, ranked and returned for display on your property.


Commute Search
Commute search enables candidates to find jobs and employers that fit their preferred location and commute method - car, public transit, bike, or walking.
Job-Specific Understanding
When candidates search for a job using plain English, the search results also incorporate jobs written in the industry or company-specific jargon that the jobseeker might not be familiar with. Synonyms and acronyms are expanded, and jobs are mapped to occupations to enable relevant indirect results. For example, searching for “BD” will also return jobs relevant to “business development”, “servers” will return waiters, “devops engineer” will also return SRE (Site Reliability Engineer).
Job Enrichment
The Jobs API automatically enriches job content with additional relevant information such as street address, employment type, and benefits.
Advanced Location Mapping
The Jobs API can interpret numerous forms of location: from street address to colloquial regions (Bay Area, Research Triangle) to precise geo-coordinates, enabling fine grained job filtering based on distance and commute times.
Seniority Alignment
The Jobs API query engine understands the seniority of positions and only returns relevant results.
Real Time Query Broadening
In cases where a search returns a low set of results (hyper local or very senior), search will be expanded for location, seniority, and to roles in a similar occupational category.

"It is exciting to find ways to improve the connection between job seekers and employers. Combining our domain expertise with the Google Cloud Jobs API can help us expedite enhancements in the area of job search, and enable our search and relevancy experts to do a deeper dive and solve tougher problems."

— Scott Helmes, SVP Product Development at CareerBuilder
Alpha: This is a private Alpha release of the Cloud Jobs API. This product is not intended for real time usage in critical applications. This product is not covered by any SLA or deprecation policy and may be subject to backward-incompatible changes.

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