Google Public Sector achieves Top Secret and Secret cloud authorization.
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Solutions for Department of Defense

Since our early years Google has partnered with the U.S. government. We offer AI, a secure global network, and productivity tools. We're proud to be  an approved vendor for the JWCC contract.


Solutions for defense

Leverage Google’s transformative cloud capabilities to deliver insights, flexibility, and security at the speed of the mission.

Embrace open, planet-scale infrastructure

Design, secure, analyze, and scale APIs with visibility and control. Complements Istio and Envoy by extending API management natively into the microservices stack. 

This managed application platform lets you upgrade apps faster and gain operational consistency across multiple data centers and cloud service providers.

Our advanced networking lets you easily connect on-premises, Google Cloud, and other cloud enterprise networks.

GDC Hosted is an air-gapped private cloud that enables public sector organizations to address strict data residency and security requirements

Accelerate AI adoption for your mission

Accelerate time to delivery of critical services by decreasing the manual labor needed to process documents. 

Build, deploy, and scale machine learning (ML) models faster, with fully managed ML tools for any use case

AutoML and BigQuery ML enable teams without data scientists to use AI/ML with pre-built, embedded capabilities. 

Expand access with human-like AI-powered contact center experiences, lower costs, and free up your human agents' time

Monitor and manage the impacts of climate changes on infrastructure and resources with the help of Google Cloud's Climate Insights.

Keep your data secure with cloud solutions and Zero Trust

Container-based solution for secure application access and monitoring uses Anthos to provide a highly responsive alternative to government network boundary systems.

Utilize fine-grained access controls and visibility for centrally managing cloud resources.

Security and risk management platform featuring near-real time asset discovery, inventory, threat prevention and threat detection.

Mitigate threats, reduce risk, and get back to business with the help of experts.

Google is an awardee of JWCC

We stand ready to apply our secure, flexible, and scalable technologies to the mission of the DoD.
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Google Cloud unique technology enables new DoD capabilities.
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Partner organizations

Our trusted industry partners can help DoD organizations solve your most complex organizational challenges.


Protect your data with multilayered security

The core of the DoD’s mission is defending our country. At Google Public Sector we commit to protect your most sensitive data with Google's best-in-class security solutions. As a pioneer of Zero Trust architectures, Google Cloud brings defense-in-depth to meet today's evolving cyber challenges.

Google Cloud's advanced multilayer security architecture, encryption by default, and flexible policy enforcement protect federal government data without the compromises of traditional “government clouds.”

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