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Apply to be a Google Cloud Innovator.
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Google Cloud Research Innovators

Join a global community of researchers driving scientific breakthroughs. Apply now to become a Research Innovator and collaborate with peers across various scientific domains to fuel innovation. Learn more.

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Learn more about the requirements for the Research Innovators program.

You must be a researcher at a government lab, academic institution or non-profit spending at least 40% of your time in a professional research capacity to be eligible. This includes university faculty, PhD candidates, postdoctoral research, pr PI/research lead roles in approved countries.

Ahmed Elnaggar, Technical University of Munich

Amirtanshu Pandey, Carnegie Mellon University

Ana Klimovic, ETH Zurich

Anshul Kundaje, Stanford University

Arianna S. Abundo, Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health

Ariel Rokem, University of Washington

Aswati Vipin, National Neuroscience Institute

Atray Dixit, Coral Genomics, Inc.

Benedikt Riedel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bilal Gonen, University of Cincinnati

Christoph Gorgulla, Harvard University

Dinesh Visva Gunasekeran

Elinor R. Schoenfeld, Stony Brook University

Erin Trochim, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Forrest Collman, Allen Institute for Brain Science

Greg Szeto, Allen Institute for Immunology

Hamid Eghbal-zadeh, Johannes Kepler University

Heidi Hendrickson, Lafayette College

Hyeonsu Kang, Carnegie Mellon University

Jim Pfaendtner, University of Washington

Juan Jenny Li, Kean University

Libusha Kelly, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Mandisa Washington, CUNY Brooklyn College

Matteo Chinazzi, Northeastern University

Mohammad Soltanieh-ha, Boston University

Ngiam Kee Yuan, National University Health System

Philip Awadalla, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Rose Yu, University of California, San Diego

Sabilah Eboo Alwani, University of Cambridge

Salvador Dura-Bernal, SUNY Downstate

Tapio Schneider, Caltech

Teodora Szasz, University of Chicago

Valentin Danchev, University of Essex