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Google Cloud for Faculty

Teach your students with Google Cloud and prepare them for the cloud-first world. Access Google Cloud credits, training, curriculum, and communities at no cost.

Inspire students like these who created an app to help the hearing impaired

Access resources

Prepare your students for careers with the cloud. Access cloud credits for hands-on learning, the Cloud Computing Foundations curriculum, and the Career Readiness program.


Apply for cloud credits for your students. Eligible faculty can apply to receive up to $100 in Google Cloud credits per teaching staff, up to $50 in Cloud credits per student, up to 5,000 Google Cloud Skills Boost credits, certification discounts, and more.


Apply to use the Cloud Computing Foundations curriculum to teach students who have little to no experience in cloud at no cost. The 40 hour curriculum covers critical concepts to prepare learners.


Coach students through one of three tracks as part of an on-demand learning program designed to help prepare your students for certification and careers in cloud.

Use Google Cloud in courses

Explore presentations, tutorials, and credentials that help you bring Google Cloud into the courses you teach. Resources made by educators are denoted with the word "Faculty."
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Getting started with Google Cloud

  • If you’re new to Google Cloud, you’ll want to explore these essential resources to help you get started and make the most of cloud tools and technologies. To start learning at no cost, apply for credits to use towards Google Cloud, Google Cloud Skills Boost learning resources, and more.

  • Faculty video: Panel: Google Cloud Undergraduate Curriculum and Student Projects

  • Labs: A Tour of Google Cloud Skills Boost and Google Cloud console

  • Labs: Google Cloud Essentials Quest

  • Video: Colaboratory: Free Jupyter notebooks in the Cloud

  • Video: Create Your Own Codelab

  • Website: Cloud Computing Foundations Course Curriculum

  • Website: Facilitate the Career Readiness Program

Application development

  • Empower your students to easily develop and deploy web applications, without the hassle of managing infrastructure. With a fully managed, serverless application platform like App Engine, you can focus on writing code—rather than managing servers or configuring deployments.

  • Video: Google Cloud Architecture: Web Application

  • Faculty slides: Google Cloud in the App Dev Classroom

  • Faculty video: Deploying a Simple App Across Multiple Google Cloud Services

  • Labs: Build and deploy apps with Google App Engine and Firebase

  • Labs: OK Google: Build Interactive Apps with Google Assistant

  • Credential: Professional Cloud Developer Certification

Big data

  • Google Cloud offers a variety of tools to explore, process, and analyze large amounts of data to make information useful. Along with these tools, your students can utilize numerous public datasets to query information and practice their skills.

Cloud computing

  • Build the skills your students need to successfully manage cloud-first solutions. They will use the same computing, storage, and networking infrastructure that powers Google to create their own projects and solve challenges.

  • Faculty slides: Google Cloud in the Cloud Computing Classroom

  • Faculty video: Teaching Cloud Computing: Hands-on and Online Resource Examples

  • Faculty video: Panel: Google Cloud Undergraduate Curriculum and Student Projects

  • Video: Cloud Computing Foundations Curriculum

  • Course: Explore Cloud Computing

  • Credential: Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

  • Credential: Professional Cloud Architect

Computer science

  • Embed fundamental cloud skills throughout your computer science curricula. With Google Cloud, you'll be able to teach your key concepts using a diverse range of services, giving your students the ability to understand and apply what they've learned in practice.

  • Faculty slides: Google Cloud in the CS Classroom

  • Faculty video: Demo: So Many Notebooks, So Little Time

  • Faculty video: Continuous Integration and Delivery in Student Projects

  • Video: Colaboratory: Free Jupyter notebooks in the Cloud

  • Course: Use virtual machines in Compute Engine

  • Credential: Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

  • Credential: Professional Cloud Architect


  • As the world moves more and more processes online, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. Find resources to teach students how to detect, investigate, and help stop threats that target their online platforms before they result in damage or loss.

  • Labs: Security and Identity Fundamentals

  • Faculty slides: Google Cloud in the Cybersecurity Classroom

  • Website: Web Security Scanner

  • Video: A Security Practitioners Guide to Best Practice Google Cloud Security

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

  • Help students discover the power of machine learning to uncover insights and create efficiencies. Use Google Cloud tools like machine learning APIs and AutoML to prepare students to use pre-trained machine learning models or build their own.

Systems administration

  • Sometimes you just want to teach the cloud as infrastructure. With Google Cloud, your students can set up and administer virtual machines, or explore DevOps. Students can get experience administering a variety of different operating systems and creating networks and subnets with different configurations.

  • Faculty slides: Google Cloud in the Sys Admin Classroom

  • Documentation: Google Cloud Compute Engine

  • Credential: Professional Network Engineer Certification

  • Credential: Professional Collaboration Engineer Certification

  • Credential: Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Certification

  • Credential: Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Certification

Manage Google Cloud credits

After you receive Google Cloud credits, learn how to redeem education credits and get started. Then explore resources below to learn best practices and troubleshoot common issues.

Learn how to manage billing on Google Cloud including disabling accounts, setting budgets, exporting billing reports, and more.

Learn about billing

Learn how to monitor and manage costs in Google Cloud. This guide aggregates a number of helpful resources.

Learn to manage costs

Prevent students from inadvertently signing up for the Google Cloud Free Trial program, which requires them to use a credit card. 

Read the guide

This guide explains how students working on a group project can pool their individual Google Cloud credits to fund a group project.

Set up group projects

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Connect with your peers who are using Google Cloud in their classrooms.

Faculty Community

Join fellow faculty who are using Google Cloud in their labs and classrooms. Only faculty who have been verified and approved to receive Google Cloud credits are eligible to join. Please request access using your school-issued email address.

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Faculty Experts

The Faculty Experts program rewards Google Cloud’s top faculty advocates with professional development, recognition, networking opportunities, and access to Google developers for helping other educators explore the benefits of Google Cloud in the classroom.

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