Organize, analyze, and manage access to your Google Cloud resources and services.

Explore access and resource management

Read documentation and Cloud Architecture Center articles about access and resource management.

Identity management for Google Cloud

Explore the methods you can use to configure identities for users and workloads on Google Cloud

IAM overview

Learn about Google Cloud's Identity and Access Management system, which lets you control who can access your Google Cloud resources.

Resource hierarchy

Learn about the resource hierarchy in Google Cloud and how you can use that hierarchy to organize your resources.

Manage identity and access

Explore best practices for setting up and managing IAM on Google Cloud. (Goes to Architecture Center.)

Google Cloud setup checklist

Configure an initial foundation to support your Google Cloud workloads, including setting up your resource hierarchy and granting initial access.

Overview of planning identity and access management

Plan your general practice of IAM. (Goes to Architecture Center.)

Patterns and practices for identity and access governance

Plan how to develop your approach for identity governance and access management for applications and workloads running on Google Cloud. (Goes to Architecture Center.)

Training, blog articles, and more

Go to training courses, blog articles, and other related resources.

Cloud engineer learning path

Study planning, configuring, setting up, and deploying cloud solutions. (Goes to Google Cloud Skills Boost.)

Create and manage cloud resources

Study creating and managing Google Cloud resources. (Goes to Google Cloud Skills Boost.)

Access and resource management products by use case

Expand sections or use the filter to find products and guides for typical use cases.

Access management

Define who can access resources in your organization.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) recommender

Identify excess permissions using policy insights.

Certificate Authority Service

Simplify, automate, and customize the deployment, management, and security of private certificate authorities (CA).

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Establish fine-grained identity and access management for Google Cloud resources.

Policy Intelligence

Control resources and manage access through policies to proactively improve your security configuration.

Access Context Manager

Allow organization administrators to define fine-grained, attribute-based access control for projects and resources in Google Cloud.

Identity and access management planning

Plan your design for granting the right individuals access to the right resources for the right reasons. (Architecture Center)

Ensure access and identity

Study fundamental features of cloud security related to access management and identity. (Google Cloud Skills Boost)

Cloud Identity

Manage user identities, devices, and applications from one console.

Control and discoverability

Manage internal enterprise solutions and Google Cloud APIs.

Service Catalog

Control internal enterprise solutions and make them easily discoverable.

Service Usage

List, enable, and disable APIs and services in your Google Cloud projects, and apply quota restrictions to services.

Optimization and service health

Optimize your service usage and identify disruptive events.

Personalized Service Health

Gain visibility into disruptive events impacting Google Cloud products.


Provides usage recommendations and insights for Cloud products and services to optimize usage for performance, security, cost, or manageability.

Resource management

Expand this section to see relevant products and documentation.

Cloud APIs

Manage Google Cloud resources programmatically.

Cloud Asset Inventory

Use inventory services based on a time series database.

Cloud Shell

Manage your Google Cloud resources using a command-line interface from any browser.

Config Connector

Manage Google Cloud resources, such as Spanner or Cloud Storage, through the Google Kubernetes Engine API.

Organization Policy Service

Centralized and programmatic control over your organization's cloud resources.

Policy Intelligence

Control resources and manage access through policies to proactively improve your security configuration.

Resource Manager

View and manage your Google Cloud resources, grant Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles at the organization level, and manage organization resource billing accounts using the Google Cloud console.


Explore methods to authenticate your applications to access Google APIs and services.

Handling compromised Google Cloud credentials

Monitor for credential compromise and take action to keep your data secure and protected from attackers.

Data deletion on Google Cloud

Review the secure process that occurs when you delete your customer data stored in Google Cloud.