Regionalization and data residency

Dialogflow provides data residency to keep your data-at-rest. physically within a geographical region or location. When a region is specified, your data-at-rest is not replicated outside the region. Pricing is the same for all regions.

Regions are used for the following reasons:

  • Your system may have regulatory or policy requirements that govern where your data must reside.
  • Your network latencies may be improved when the data is in the same region as your customers. For example, If UK customers use europe-west2, they can expect better latency.


All Dialogflow developer user and end-user data is included in data-at-rest. For example:

  • All agent resources set with console or API (intents, entities, etc.)
  • All agent settings set with console or API
  • Query history
  • Validation results
  • Model creation tasks
  • Training tasks
  • Long-running operation tasks

Available regions

Dialogflow provides the following regions:

Americas Europe Asia Pacific Multi-region
Use the us multi-region europe-west2 (London) asia-northeast1 (Tokyo)
australia-southeast1 (Sydney)
us (default)

Select a region with the console

The top left area of the Dialogflow ES Console has a drop-down for region selection. Every agent has an immutable region that is specified upon creation. When you select a region from the console, you can only list or create agents for the selected region. The default region is us.

Select a region with the API

If your agent was created in a non-default region, you must specify that region when calling the API for either design-time or runtime requests.

To provide a region, you supply a location parameter to API requests. For REST calls, do both of the following:

  • Provide the location URL path parameter.
  • Use the location-specific hostname of the form [location] For example: If the location specified in the hostname does not match the location specified in the URL path, the request will be rejected.

For client libraries, see the client library documentation for a location configuration option.


When a non-default region is selected in the Dialogflow Console, the following features are not available: