Platform events

Platform events are provided by platform integrations. They are invoked when platform-specific events occur. See the documentation for your integration platform for details on platform-specific events.

Welcome events

Welcome events are invoked when a conversation is started. There are two types of welcome events:

  • Generic welcome event: The default welcome intent is automatically created when you create an agent. This intent is preconfigured to handle the generic welcome event: WELCOME.
  • Platform-specific welcome events: Each platform invokes a platform-specific welcome event when a conversation starts. For example, if an end-user clicks the Get started button to start a chat with your Facebook Messenger bot, the FACEBOOK_WELCOME event is invoked.

When a platform-specific welcome event is invoked, Dialogflow triggers any intent that is configured for the event. If no intent is configured for the platform-specific welcome event, Dialogflow invokes the generic welcome event, which triggers the default welcome intent.

Google Assistant events

Dialogflow events are referred to as "intents" in Google Assistant documentation. For more information and a list of events, see the reference documentation for Google Assistant intents.