Create and manage agents

All agent-related menus and information are found at the top of the left sidebar menu at the Dialogflow Console. There, you'll see a list of the agents associated with your account and the option to create a new agent.

Create an agent

To create an agent with the console (common), follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Dialogflow ES Console.
  2. If requested, sign in to the Dialogflow console. See Dialogflow console overview for more information.
  3. Click Create Agent in the left menu. (If you already have other agents, click the agent name, scroll to the bottom and click Create new agent.)
  4. Enter your agent's name, default language, default time zone and GCP project, then click the Create button. (You can change the agent edition after creation.)

To create an agent with the API (uncommon), see Create an agent with the API.

Delete an agent

  1. You must have a role with full access or edit access in order to delete an agent in the Dialogflow Console.

  2. Before deleting an agent, you must remove access for all users besides yourself:

  3. To delete an agent:

    1. Go to the Dialogflow ES Console.
    2. Select the agent you wish to delete.
    3. Click on the settings button next to the agent's name.
    4. Select the General tab, and scroll down to the bottom.
    5. Click Delete this agent. If you do not see the Delete this agent button, it is because you do not have the required Owner/Admin role.
    6. Enter DELETE in the text field.
    7. Click Delete.