Build a webhook for iterative confirmation of spoken sequences

This tutorial walks through building a flow for collecting long digit and alphanumeric sequences where the end-user can speak a few characters at a time. A webhook allows you to validate and confirm the sequence one section at a time, making it easy for end-users to correct the agent when it mishears "BVP" as "BBV", for example.

The lessons in the tutorial include:

  • Using regexp entities with auto speech adaptation.
  • Building webhooks to loop slot-filling.
  • Using contexts to carry data between intents.

The final interaction will behave like this:

Participant Dialog
End-user Check my order.
Agent What is your sequence? Please pause after a few characters so I can confirm as we go.
End-user 12ABC
Agent 12ABC. Okay, continue.
End-user 34DE
Agent 12ABC34BE. Okay, continue.
End-user No that's not right.
Agent Let's try again. What comes after 12ABC ?
End-user 34DE
Agent 12ABC34DE. Okay, continue.
End-user That's it.

Finally, the webhook validates the full sequence and proceeeds with the rest of your flow.