Migrating between Dialogflow versions

V2beta1 to V2

The V2beta1 API is used to share beta features with Dialogflow users. This section has advice for switching to the stable V2 API.

  • If you are using REST or RPC, update the endpoint from dialogflow.googleapis.com/v2beta1/... to dialogflow.googleapis.com/v2/...
  • If you are using a client library, update it:
    • Dynamic languages (Python, Node.js, Ruby): Upgrade the package, and your code will automatically use the latest stable version.
    • Static languages (Java, C#, PHP, Go): Install the new package and update all import statements to reference "v2" instead of "v2beta1".
  • The field that controls whether machine learning (ML) is enabled for an Intent has changed. The mlEnabled field has been removed and replaced by the mlDisabled field, and ML is enabled by default.
    Version REST RPC Default value Default behavior
    V2beta1 mlEnabled ml_enabled true ML is enabled
    V2 mlDisabled ml_disabled false ML is enabled