Deleting deployments

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When you delete a deployment, all resources that are part of the deployment are also deleted.

If you want to delete specific resources from your deployment and keep the rest, delete those resources from your configuration file, and update the deployment instead.

Before you begin

Deleting deployments

If you want to delete a deployment, but keep all the underlying resources, you must use the Google Cloud CLI or the API.


  1. In the Google Cloud console, open the Deployments page.
    Go to the Deployments page
  2. In the list of deployments, select the check boxes for the deployments that you want to delete.
  3. On the top of the page, click Delete.


With gcloud, use the deployments delete command:

 gcloud deployment-manager deployments delete example-deployment --delete-policy=POLICY

Where POLICY is the delete policy.

gcloud returns a response similar to the following:

Waiting for delete operation operation-1415233139561-2d5dd654-f438-4d15-87e3-4b5b8ca68c5d to complete...done.
Delete operation operation-1415233139561-2d5dd654-f438-4d15-87e3-4b5b8ca68c5d completed successfully.
endTime: '2014-11-05T16:19:03.253-08:00'
id: '5642095755656583573'
name: operation-1415233139561-2d5dd654-f438-4d15-87e3-4b5b8ca68c5d
operationType: delete
startTime: '2014-11-05T16:19:02.669-08:00'
status: DONE


In the API, provide an empty DELETE request to the following URL:


Replace myproject with the name of your project, example-deployment with the name of the deployment, and policy with the delete policy, described below.

Select a delete policy

The delete policy you use determines how the resources in the deployment are handled. You can use one of these policies:

  • DELETE [Default]: Deletes the underlying resource. This is permanent and cannot be undone.

  • ABANDON: This deletes the deployment, but does not delete the underlying resources. For example, if you have a VM instance in the deployment, it will still be available for you to use after the deployment is deleted.

If you need to re-create a deployment that you deleted, you can use the original configuration file. However, the deployment is considered a new deployment, with new resources.