Creating custom type providers with custom backends

This page describes creating custom types for Google Cloud Deployment Manager that are backed by custom backends.

The Actions feature is an alpha feature that expands the range of API methods that Deployment Manager can call. Because this feature is unsupported, we recommend that you migrate your existing usage of Actions to supported alternatives. Some Actions, such as storage.buckets.setIamPolicy, correspond to existing Deployment Manager resource types, which you can use to replace them. If your deployment requires the use of Actions that can't be replaced by existing supported Deployment Manager resource types, follow this guide to create a custom type with a custom backend to replace your usage of these Actions.

Creating your custom type provider

For a high-level overview of integrating a third-party API with Deployment Manager, visit Integrating with Deployment Manager.

For instructions on adding an API as a type provider, visit Adding an API as a type provider.

For advanced configuration options, such as input mappings, visit Setting advanced API options.

For the requirements to add an API to Deployment Manager, visit API requirements for integrating an API.

Creating your custom backend

You must create a custom backend to expose the API to your custom type provider. To create a custom backend, you can use one of the following methods:

One way to reduce the development effort of creating a custom backend is to use Cloud Functions. If you already use other serverless solutions as a part of your development process, it might be more efficient to use those instead. For an overview of using Cloud Functions as the backend for a custom type provider, visit the Custom Type Provider example implementation.