Walkthrough: explore best practices

Try an interactive version of this tutorial in Cloud Shell using the following link:

Open in Google Cloud Shell

If you are new to Deployment Manager, you might want to try this quick tutorial first.

This tutorial is a walkthrough of Deployment Manager's best practices. As you complete this guide, you will learn techniques to build complex deployments, such as:

  • Creating a deployment configuration
  • Deploying resources
  • Using templates
  • Using helper scripts

After completing this tutorial, you can apply these techniques to carry out tasks such as:

  • Creating and managing Google Cloud resources using templates
  • Harnessing templates to reuse deployment paradigms
  • Deploying multiple resources at once
  • Configuring Google Cloud resources such as Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and Cloud SQL to work together

This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with YAML and basic Python syntax, and are comfortable running commands in a Linux terminal.