Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Datastore


Cloud Datastore provides a set of downloadable tools and client libraries. By downloading, you agree to be bound by the Terms that govern use of Google Cloud Datastore.

Node.js client library

Install googleapis package using npm.

npm install googleapis

Python protocol buffers client library

Install googledatastore package using pip.

pip install --pre googledatastore

Java protocol buffer client library


Add the following dependency to your project:


Other Java development environments

Download the following zip that contains the protobuf client library jar with all the dependencies, Javadoc, and demos.

Version Package

Client libraries for other languages

See Google APIs Client Libraries.


Download the following ZIP file, which contains the gcd tool. This tool provides index management and is used to start the development server that provides local Cloud Datastore emulation. See Using the GCD tool.

Version Package

To use the gcd tool, you must have Java 7 installed on your computer.