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Read about the Google Cloud and Databricks partnership. 
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Databricks on Google Cloud

Databricks's open lakehouse platform is fully integrated into Google Cloud’s data services in order to consolidate your analytics applications onto one open cloud platform.


Databricks on Google Cloud offers enterprise flexibility for AI-driven analytics

Innovate faster with Databricks by using Google Cloud

Data can be messy, siloed, and slow. With Databricks on Google Cloud, you can build open, flexible data lakes that are integrated with Google data products like BigQuery and Looker

Enable scale and efficiency for your analytics

Google Cloud’s infrastructure delivers a fast, standardized, scalable Databricks experience. 

Simplify data analytics infrastructure and security

Databricks leverages Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud IAM, and Google Identity to deliver a scalable and secure experience.

Key features

Enhance your Databricks experience with Google Cloud’s open platform

Databricks on Google Cloud offers containerized deployment featuring tight integrations with Google Cloud’s analytics services.

Delta Lake on Databricks and fully managed Spark experience

Databricks, whose founders created Apache Spark, delivers a fully managed Spark experience on Google Cloud with performance gains of up to 50x over open source Spark. This fast engine gives you business-ready insights that you can integrate with Looker and BigQuery

Databricks integrated with BigQuery

Data scientists using Databricks Workspace can access data from BigQuery to build models and visualize with Looker, and serve those models via AI Platform.

Databricks containerization with Google Kubernetes Engine

Databricks on Google Cloud leverages Google Cloud’s secure, managed Kubernetes service, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), to support containerized deployments of Databricks in the cloud. You can use this solution to leverage high-performance infrastructure to execute workloads faster and at lower costs and enable new Databricks workloads to be migrated to Google Cloud quickly and securely.

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