Eldorado: tripling email-driven revenue with BigQuery

By taking a data-driven approach with its sales and marketing, Eldorado has become one of Russia’s biggest retailers of domestic appliances and electronics. To stay ahead of its online competitors, Eldorado looked to leverage more customer behaviour data with powerful analytics tools. To process such a large amount of data quickly and affordably, they created a solution based on Google Cloud Platform and Google BigQuery.

“Our speciality is in exploring customer data, user behaviour and customer journeys. After four years of using Google Analytics, we wanted to do even more with our data. We looked for a solution to import and hold all our data in one place so we could analyse it more effectively. Google Cloud Platform has an excellent price to quality ratio, and integrates seamlessly with other Google products.” - Dmitrii Yurchenko, Head of Internet Marketing, Eldorado

Bespoke solutions, competitive prices

In an increasingly competitive market, online retailers look to improve customer retention by using their advertising budgets as smartly as possible. Eldorado wanted to optimise its customer acquisition channels by using big data to analyse the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns. Standard customer acquisition models proved ineffective so the company developed its own, focussed on turning potential buyers into repeat customers. After years of gathering customer information with Google Analytics and its advertising sources, Eldorado needed a powerful, bespoke solution that could store, harmonise and analyse data at a greater scale than ever before.

The company chose Google Cloud Platform to be the heart of its new analytics solution. Partnering with data collection and attribution specialists OWOX BI, Eldorado implemented Google Cloud Platform in 2014 in just six months.

“The Eldorado team strives to keep abreast of customer trends and preferences, and knows best how important it is to respond to user actions in a timely manner. The company was looking for an optimal solution that would allow them to monitor and process the data about user actions, in real time. The solution was implemented jointly by Eldorado and OWOX BI specialists, using the capabilities of Google Cloud Platform.” - Anna Ivanova, Analytics Project Manager at OWOX

With BigQuery the company can quickly and easily extract its wealth of data from Google Analytics, harmonise it and store it securely with Google Cloud Storage. With OWOX BI’s data pipeline between BigQuery and Eldorado’s website, the company can react to customer data much faster than before. Unsold items left in a customer’s online basket, for instance, now trigger reminder emails within one hour instead of one day. Meanwhile, Google’s flexible pricing gave Eldorado the convenience and speed of a cloud-based solution without sinking costs into servers it would not always need.

“We partnered with OWOX because of their expertise with Google Analytics. It has been a long collaboration and over three years we have been through thick and thin together. There are not many companies who can provide the same quality in working with Google products in Russia. ” - Dmitrii Yurchenko, Head of Internet Marketing, Eldorado

Driving up revenue, improving data analysis

After implementing Google Cloud Platform three years ago, Eldorado saw a 237% rise in email-driven revenue as a direct result of the newly integrated analytics system. Meanwhile, the company’s new attribution model has helped to optimise advertising budgets by showing which campaigns are most effective at retaining customers. Today, around 20% of online store Eldorado’s business decisions are made using data captured by BigQuery while Eldorado continues to work with OWOX, continually refining its data analysis.

“The best practice for us is to use Google Cloud Platform. In Russia, it’s very expensive to develop a platform like this with the existing infrastructure of the company. It would cost too much if we did it ourselves. As well as the affordability, the main advantage of using Google Cloud Platform is the quality of the data we can keep. You can trust the data and answer difficult questions that we couldn’t answer before.” - Dmitrii Yurchenko, Head of Internet Marketing, Eldorado