Subscription entitlements

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Apigee entitlements

The following table compares Subscription entitlements for the Apigee offerings:

Standard Enterprise Enterprise Plus

Core Entitlements

Annual Call Volume (1)
additional call volume available for purchase
180 million calls 1.2 billion calls 12 billion calls
Network Data Entitlement (2)
additional network data available for purchase
1 TiB 10 TiB 150 TiB
Analytics Reports 30 days 3 months 14 months
Developer Portals
entitlement limit of 3 custom domains

Apigee Entitlements

Orgs (9)/Environments (10)
additional Org packs available for purchase
1 org & 5 environments 2 orgs & 10 environments 6 orgs & 30 environments
Runtime SLA See SLA

Apigee Additional Features

API Monitoring Included

Hybrid Entitlements

Orgs/Environments Entitled Not Included 25 Orgs (up to 85 environments per org)
Anthos (3) Not Included 300 vCPUs of Anthos 800 vCPUs of Anthos

Add-ons available for purchase (4)

Advanced API Security Available for purchase
Monetization Available for purchase 12B calls included
Org Pack Each pack adds 1 org and 5 environments
Environment Pack Each pack adds 5 environments
Analytics Data Pack Increases Analytic Reports to 14 months Increases Analytic Reports to 14 months Not applicable (14 months included)
Apigee Integration
(not supported for Apigee hybrid)
24 million integration calls(5), 10 concurrent integrations(6) across Apigee Orgs (includes 2 orgs), 20 Class G connections(7) & 10 Class 1 connections included
Apigee Integration Packs (requires Apigee Integration) Call Pack: 50M additional integration calls
Org Pack: Enables Apigee Integration for 1 additional org
Concurrency Pack: 10 additional concurrent integrations across orgs
Apigee Connection Packs (requires Apigee Integration) Connection Unit Pack : 50 Connection Units across all regions(8)

All offerings and add-ons are subject to Apigee product limits.

(1) A customer can use API calls in Apigee, Apigee hybrid, and Apigee Adapter for Envoy use cases. Apigee Adapter for Envoy calls follow a 3:1 ratio for the API call volume entitled.
(2) For information about pricing for Google Cloud networking products, see All networking pricing.
(3) Restricted for Anthos only to run/operate Apigee hybrid components listed here. Additional Anthos entitlements require an Anthos subscription.
(4) Org Pack, Environment Pack, and Network Data Packs are only available for Apigee.
(5) A successful integration call is the completion of an integration workflow without errors due to the incorrect functioning of the Apigee Integration platform. Call failures not attributable to the platform, such as failures to connect to targets (including other Cloud services) due to customer configuration errors or target server downtimes, do not count against the SLA. Integration UI and Management service requests are not included in this SLA.
(6) Concurrent integrations are the number of integrations that are executing concurrently (at the same time). Total concurrency packs not to exceed a total of 10,000 concurrent integrations. Please contact sales for higher limits.
(7) Class G covers 1st party Google Services (for example, BigQuery), and does not cover hosted/managed services (eg: CloudSQL MySQL). Class 1 covers some basic connectors (for example, REST and SOAP).
(8) Technical limit of 250 Connections per region. Additional connections can be entitled upon request. Connection Units are an abstraction of Connection purchases, which can be used flexibly to consume various combinations of Connections, Connector Types, Classes, or All Classes. Purchased units may be allocated towards the connection options you choose. For example, with one Connection Unit Pack (50 units), you can use 15 units for three MySQL Connections (Class 2 Connectors are five units per connection) for the dev, test and prod instances of your database. In addition, you can use 20 units for the All Class G Connectors to configure as many connections for Google services as you need (up to any technical limits).
(9) An Apigee Organization can be configured to span across one or more Google Cloud regions. Customers have the flexibility to leverage their Org entitlements to provision in a single region or expand the same Org to multiple regions. When they are configured in a single region, it is counted as a single "Org unit". To expand their Org to more than one region, customers need entitlements to Org units. For example, with the Enterprise Plus tier, customers can provision a total of 6 Org units. It could be used to provision a single Org expanded across 6 regions or create 6 Apigee Orgs (or any combination in between). Additional Org units can be purchased via Org Packs.
(10) An Apigee Environment can be provisioned in one or more Google Cloud regions by attaching them to one or more Apigee instances. Customers have the flexibility to leverage their Env entitlements to attach the environment to a single instance or to multiple instances. When they are attached to one Apigee Instance, it is counted as a single "Env unit". To expand their Env to more than one instance, customers need entitlements to Env units. For example, with the Enterprise Plus tier, customers can attach 30 environments to a single Apigee instance or 15 environments to two Apigee instances and so on. Customers can purchase additional entitlements through Env packs.

For support plan options, see Cloud Customer Care.

For entitlements information on Edge products, see Edge entitlements.