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AI Infrastructure

Options for every business to train deep learning and machine learning models cost-effectively.
  • AI accelerators for every use case, from low-cost inference to high-performance training

  • Iterate faster with high-performance Cloud GPUs and Cloud TPUs

  • Simple to get started with a range of services for development and deployment

Key features

Key features

Cloud TPUs

Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) are custom-built ASIC to train and execute deep neural networks. Train and run more powerful and accurate models cost-effectively with faster speed and scale.

Cloud GPUs

A range of NVIDIA GPUs to help with cost-effective inference or scale-up or scale-out training. Leverage RAPID and Spark with GPUs to execute deep learning. Run GPU workloads on Google Cloud where you have access to industry-leading storage, networking, and data analytics technologies.


Access CPU platforms when you start a VM instance on Compute Engine. Compute Engine offers a range of both Intel and AMD processors for your VMs.



Google Cloud Basics
Using GPUs for training models in the cloud

GPUs can accelerate the training process for deep learning models for tasks like image classification, video analysis, and natural language processing.

Google Cloud Basics
Using TPUs to train your model

TPUs are Google's custom-developed ASICs used to accelerate machine learning workloads. You can run your training jobs on AI Platform Training, using Cloud TPU.

What makes TPUs fine tuned for deep learning?

Learn about the computational requirements of deep learning and how CPU, GPU, and TPUs handle the task.

Google Cloud Basics
Deep Learning VM

Deep Learning VM images are optimized for data science and machine learning tasks. They come with key ML frameworks and tools pre-installed, and work with GPUs.

Google Cloud Basics
AI Platform Deep Learning Containers

AI Platform Deep Learning Containers are performance-optimized, consistent environments to help you prototype and implement workflows quickly. They work with GPUs.



Pricing for AI Infrastructure is based on the product selected. You can try AI Infrastructure for free.

Cloud TPU Cloud GPU
For information on TPU pricing for single device TPU types and TPU pod types, refer to TPU pricing. For information about GPU pricing for the different GPU types and regions that are available on Compute Engine, refer to the GPU pricing.