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Powerful Video Analysis

Google Cloud Video Intelligence API makes videos searchable, and discoverable, by extracting metadata with an easy to use REST API. You can now search every moment of every video file in your catalog and find every occurrence as well as its significance. It quickly annotates videos stored in Google Cloud Storage, and helps you identify key nouns entities of your video, and when they occur within the video. Separate signal from noise, by retrieving relevant information at the video, shot or per frame.

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Insight from Videos

Cloud Video Intelligence API allows developers to extract actionable insights from video files without requiring any machine learning or computer vision knowledge. Cloud Video Intelligence API improves over time as new concepts are introduced and accuracy is improved.

Quickly Search Your Video Catalog

Cloud Video Intelligence API helps you better understand the overall content of your video catalog based on entities (nouns) detected within the video, while providing temporal understanding on when each entity was present within the video. You can now search your video catalog the same way you search text documents.

Separate Signals from Noise

Using Cloud Video Intelligence API, businesses can identify the presence of a signal buried in noise or detect features of a signal, providing only the relevant entities found at a video, scene or frame level. For example, "find entities within this new scene".

Cloud Video Intelligence Features

Label Detection
Detect entities within the video, such as "dog", "flower" or "car".
Shot Change Detection
Detect scene changes within the video.
Specify a region where processing will take place (for regulatory compliance).
Integrated with Google Cloud Platform
Access via REST API or client libraries in over 7 languages to request one or more annotation types per video. Video can be uploaded in the request or integrated with Google Cloud Storage.
And Many More
We will continue to improve on our Video Intelligence API through the Beta release period.
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“ Thanks to the Google Cloud Video Intelligence API, we have been able to very quickly process and understand the content of video down to the individual frame, with an impressively rich taxonomy. This will revolutionize media management and take it to the next generation. ”

— Mikael Wahlberg VP Product Development, Cantemo.

Cloud Video Intelligence Pricing

Feature First 1000 minutes Minutes 1001-100,000
Label detection Free $0.10 / minute
Shot detection Free $0.05 / minute, or free with Label detection
SafeSearch detection Free $0.10 / minute
If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

Prices effective June 15, 2017. SafeSearch pricing effective July 18, 2017.

Beta: This is a Beta release. This feature is not covered by any SLA or deprecation policy and may be subject to backward-incompatible changes.

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