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See how a small team at CBS Interactive is serving 38 media brands with content discovery and recommendation solutions.

Fully featured video AI products

Two ways to make your media more discoverable

Google offers two fully-featured video AI products to make your video library more searchable and valuable.

AutoML Video Intelligence

AutoML Video Intelligence has a graphical interface that makes it easy to train your own custom models to classify and track objects within videos, even if you have minimal machine learning experience. It’s ideal for projects that require custom labels which aren’t covered by the pre-trained Video Intelligence API.

Video Intelligence API

Video Intelligence API has pre-trained machine learning models that automatically recognize a vast number of objects, places, and actions in stored and streaming video. It’s highly efficient for common use cases and improves over time as new concepts are introduced.

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Create custom entity labels to categorize content

Precise video analysis

Video Intelligence API automatically recognizes more than 20,000 objects, places, and actions in stored and streaming video. It also distinguishes scene changes and extracts rich metadata at the video, shot, or frame level. Use in combination with AutoML Video Intelligence to create your own custom entity labels to categorize content.

Make media easily searchable and discoverable

Simplify media management

Find value in vast archives by making media easily searchable and discoverable. Easily search your video catalog the same way you search text documents. Extract metadata that can be used to index, organize, and search your video content, as well as control and filter content for what’s most relevant.

Creating intelligent video apps

Easily create intelligent video apps

Gain insights from video in near real time using the Video Intelligence Streaming Video APIs, and trigger events based on objects detected. Build engaging customer experiences with highlight reels, recommendations, interactive videos, and more.

Automate expensive workflows

Automate expensive workflows

Reduce time and costs associated with transcribing videos and generating closed captions, as well as flagging and filtering inappropriate content.

Integrate services with Google Cloud Storage

Process and store on Google Cloud Platform

Seamlessly integrate with Google Cloud Storage to easily store and upload videos to your model. Select the region where processing will take place and choose from any region where Google Cloud Platform is available. Benefit from a consistent API, low-latency, and speed across multiple storage classes.

Which video product is right for you?

You can work with either one or reap the benefits of both products by using Video Intelligence API to quickly categorize content using thousands of predefined labels and using AutoML Video Intelligence to create additional custom labels to suit your specific needs.

AutoML Video Intelligence Video Intelligence API
User interface
Use APIs
Use REST and RPC APIs.
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Use a graphical UI
Use a graphical user interface.
Predefined or custom labeling
Classify video using predefined labels
Pre-trained models leverage vast libraries of pre-defined labels.
Classify video using custom labels
Train models to classify video via labels you choose.
Additional features
Detect shot changes
Detect scene changes in a segment or throughout the video.
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Detect and track objects
Detect and track objects, how many, where they are within the frame (bounding box), and when they show up (timestamp).
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Detect and extract text
Detect and extract text using OCR, know where it is within the frame (bounding box), and when it shows up (timestamp).
Moderate content
Detect explicit content (adult, violent, etc.) within images.
Analyze streaming and stored video
Analyze streaming video and stored video.
Automate video transcription for closed captioning and subtitles
Transcribe speech to text with punctuation. Refine results with alternatives provided for transcribed words or phrases. Censor profanities. Transcribe up to two audio tracks from multitrack video files. Currently supports English.
Celebrity recognition
Identify and track celebrity faces in videos (limited access, see documentation.)

Google Video Intelligence allows CBS Interactive to plug into our existing video encoding framework to generate video metadata. It provides us with options to use as is or to enhance other models. The performance and reliability allows us to enhance the video experience for our customers and improve content awareness and personalization.

Adam Leary, VP, Data Science Services, CBS Interactive

Use cases

Identify inappropriate content

Content moderation

Identify when inappropriate content is being shown in a given video. You can instantly conduct content moderation across petabytes of data and more quickly and efficiently filter your content or user-generated content.

Build a content recommendation engine

Recommended content

Build a content recommendation engine with labels generated by Video Intelligence API and a user’s viewing history and preferences. This will simplify content discovery for your users and guide them to the most relevant content that they want.

Creating indexed archive of entire video library

Media archives

Create an indexed archive of your entire video library by using the metadata from Video Intelligence API. Ideal for mass media companies, Video Intelligence API can automatically analyze content and make the results immediately accessible via the API.

Inserting contextually relevant ads

Contextual advertisements

You can identify appropriate locations in videos to insert ads that are contextually relevant to the video content. This can be done by matching the timeframe-specific labels of your video content with the content of your advertisements.


Video Intelligence products Pricing guide
Video Intelligence API Get 1,000 free minutes of stored video plus 1,000 free minutes of streamed video each month.


AutoML Video Intelligence Documentation


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AutoML Video Intelligence

Create a custom machine learning model for video detection.

Video Intelligence API

Integrate video detection features within apps, in the coding language of your choice.

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