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Translation Hub

Translation Hub

Easily translate content into 135 languages with an intuitive, business-user-friendly interface and integrate human feedback where required. Translation Hub makes it possible for enterprises to customize and manage translation workloads at a previously unachievable scale and cost.

  • Self-service tool, zero deployment time

  • Strong enterprise administration and control 

  • Compatible with Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and Adobe PDFs

  • New Google Cloud customers get $300 in free credits to fully explore


Consumerization of enterprise translation

The only enterprise-business-user-oriented translation service available from a leading cloud provider. 

Advanced customization options

Solve for pain points that have prevented scale adoption of machine translation in the enterprise. 

Enterprise-grade control and security

Central administrative control and ability to manage multiple configurations. Complete data security for translated content. 

Key features

Key features

Self-service tool, zero deployment time

Your organization’s Translation Hub administrator uses the Google Cloud console to manage business users typically by adding their email, which triggers an invite to the business user. Once a business user is added, they can sign in using their credentials and start translating documents with a few clicks. 

Translate in seconds to 135 languages