Release Notes

This page documents production updates to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL. You can periodically check this page for announcements about new or updated features, bug fixes, known issues, and deprecated functionality.

March, 2017

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL Beta availability.

To provide feedback on the beta release, go to our Cloud SQL user forum.

Support for 32-core machine types for MySQL instances.

February, 2017

To view instance monitoring information, either on the Instance Overview page or through Stackdriver, you must have at least one legacy role (Viewer, Editor, or Owner).

December, 2016

Support for administration of users and databases for Second Generation instances in the Google Cloud Platform Console and the Cloud SQL API

November, 2016

Support for Northeastern Asia Pacific region (asia-northeast1)

MySQL 5.7 minor version upgraded to 5.7.14

August, 2016

Cloud SQL Second Generation General Availability

Smaller instances support fewer connections.
The db-n1-standard-1, db-g1-small, and db--f1-micro machine types do not handle more than 500 concurrent connections. If you need more than 500 concurrent connections, use a db-n1-standard-2 or larger machine type.

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