Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL features

This page describes the major features and capabilities of Cloud SQL. Cloud SQL is also available for MySQL and SQL Server.

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL


  • Fully managed PostgreSQL databases in the cloud.
  • Custom machine types with up to 624 GB of RAM and 96 CPUs.
  • Up to 64 TB of storage available, with the ability to automatically increase storage size as needed.
  • Create and manage instances in the Google Cloud console.
  • Instances available in the Americas, EU, Asia, and Australia. See all locations.
  • Supports migration from source databases to Cloud SQL destination databases using Database Migration Service (DMS).
  • Customer data encrypted on Google's internal networks and in database tables, temporary files, and backups.
  • Support for secure external connections with the Cloud SQL Auth proxy or with the SSL/TLS protocol.
  • Data replication between multiple zones with automatic failover.
  • Import and export databases using SQL dump files.
  • Support for PostgreSQL client-server protocol and standard PostgreSQL connectors.
  • Automated and on-demand backups and point-in-time recovery.
  • Instance cloning.
  • Integration with Google Cloud's operations suite logging and monitoring.
  • Support for multiple PostgreSQL versions.
  • Logical replication

Supported extensions

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL supports many PostgreSQL extensions. For a complete list, see PostgreSQL Extensions.

Supported procedural languages

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL supports the PL/pgSQL SQL procedural language.

Supported languages

You can use Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL with App Engine applications running in the flexible environment that are written in C#, Go, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby. You can also use Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL with external applications using the standard PostgreSQL client-server protocol.

How you can connect to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL instances

You can connect to a Cloud SQL instance for PostgreSQL from:

Connecting to Cloud SQL by using Private Google access is not supported.

Differences between Cloud SQL and standard PostgreSQL functionality

In general, the PostgreSQL functionality provided by a Cloud SQL instance is the same as the functionality provided by a locally-hosted PostgreSQL instance. However, there are a few differences between a standard PostgreSQL instance and a Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL instance.

Unsupported features

  • Any features that require SUPERUSER privileges

    An exception to this rule is made for the CREATE EXTENSION statement, but only for supported extensions.

  • Custom background workers

  • The psql client in Cloud Shell does not support operations that require a reconnection, such as connecting to a different database using the \c command.

  • Low-Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation.

Notable differences