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Supply Chain Twin and Pulse Preview

Build a digital representation of your supply chain with end-to-end visibility, alert-driven event management, analytics, and collaboration across teams.  

  • Share data across partners without complex integrations into each organization's environment

  • Real-time dashboards, advanced analytics, and alert-driven event management, all in one place

  • Best-in-class collaboration across teams and external partners within the user engagement layer

  • Seamlessly extend into AI workloads and other Google offerings


End-to-end visibility across the supply chain

This single tenant solution gathers data from enterprise business systems, partner systems, and public sources and lets you share formerly siloed data across suppliers and partners without complex integrations.

Alert-driven event management

Enable notification and collaboration across teams and partners by leveraging Google Workspace in the user engagement layer, including mobile alerts to authorized users via email, calendar, and shared docs.

Optimize planning and decision-making with AI

Extend into AI workloads that leverage Google offerings such as Route Optimization, Vertex AI, and real-time dashboards powered by Looker.

Key features

Organize and orchestrate data from across the supply chain

Supply chain data segments

The solution brings together three segments of data to enable users to holistically model the supply chain. The private segment includes data from an organization’s enterprise business systems on their business and operations, such as locations, products, orders, and inventory. The community segment includes data from supplier and partner systems such as stock and inventory levels, and partners, such as material transportation status. The public segment includes contextual data from public sources like weather, risk, or sustainability, including public datasets from Google.

Supply Chain Twin

This solution provides ready-to-deploy connectors and transformation pipelines based on Cloud Data Fusion to bring data from ERP systems like SAP into the BigQuery data platform. It uses Google Cloud public datasets and the Analytics Hub to enable secure access to curated datasets from multiple data providers without complex onboarding. This semantic layer spanning the private, community, and public data segments enables data to be leveraged directly and scalably for a variety of uses, including data science.

Supply Chain Pulse

This user engagement module for the Supply Chain Twin enables executive performance visualizations with drill-down to all key operational metrics. It visualizes alerts and tracks “action item” workstreams; provides mobile alert delivery to predefined users via email, calendars, and shared docs; and enables collaboration across teams with alert-driven shared workflows and “action item” workstreams.  

Renault Group

"By aggregating inventory data from our suppliers and leveraging Google Cloud’s strength in organizing and orchestrating data, with solutions like the Supply Chain Twin, we expect to achieve a holistic view. We aim to work with Google tools to manage both stock, improve forecasting, and eventually optimize our fulfillment."

Jean-François Salles, Supply Chain Global Vice President, Renault Group

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