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Fully managed open source databases

Adopting open source databases can help you innovate faster while avoiding vendor lock-in and high licensing fees. But many enterprises remain fearful of open source database complexity and lack of enterprise-grade support. At Google Cloud, we’re partnering with leading open source database vendors to make it easier for our customers to build applications and deploy more secure open source databases at scale without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

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Build with open source databases

Google Cloud embraces open source

The advancement of open source databases depends on community-driven innovation, quality control, and strategy—all qualities loved by developers and driven by real users. At Google Cloud, we believe in open source’s community, flexibility, and portability. That’s why we continue to be a leading open source contributor and a partner to organizations that are focused on fully managed open source databases and community-driven innovation.

Benefit from the latest community-driven innovation

Unlike other cloud vendors that deploy older versions of open source code, Google Cloud partners directly with key open source vendors like MongoDB, Elastic, DataStax, Redis Enterprise, Neo4j, Confluent, and InfluxData to provide a fully integrated platform for open source databases and bring the latest innovations to our customers.


Unified support

We provide first line support for open source databases, so you can manage and log support tickets from a single window.

Unified billing

You’ll only see one bill from Google Cloud, whether you’re using NoSQL or relational databases.

Unified experience

You can provision and manage partner open source database services straight from your Google Cloud console.

Migrate to fully managed open source databases from Google Cloud and partners.

Google Cloud’s strategic partnerships with these leading open source-centric companies offer your enterprise a seamless user experience across management, billing, and support, and the ability to build on our partners’ latest open source innovations as fully managed services.

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