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Modernize existing applications with Anthos

For your organizations, existing monolithic systems are holding back business initiatives and business processes that rely on them. You can modernize and transform apps to realize immediate operational cost savings, reduce dependencies on high-cost proprietary software, and increase software delivery speed. With Anthos, you can meet those challenges by modernizing your existing apps with containerized microservices alongside VMs to innovate faster and deliver new experiences to your customers.

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Story highlights

  • Ability to incrementally modernize to get more out of investments

  • Created a software development pipeline for cloud-native and non-cloud-native apps

  • Leveraged automation to free up engineers for more intensive tasks

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Key benefits

Remove barriers to modernization

Modernize applications with Migrate for Anthos to containers and run them across environments to realize immediate operational cost savings. Eliminate license costs by replatforming and refactoring apps with Anthos and partner tools. Avoid vendor lock-in while gaining business agility and flexibility when building and running mission-critical applications. Empower your organization by extending the life-span of your existing applications by modernizing with Anthos.

Reduce operational cost

Faster modernization by simply migrating to containers without rewriting them while reducing operational expenditure. Build and deploy apps faster while easily scaling without compromising your security or increasing complexity. Anthos gives operators a single platform to manage applications across environments, saving time on management and speeding up modernization. In fact, Forrester’s New Technology Projection: The Total Economic ImpactTM of Anthos study projected a 58% to 75% faster app migration and modernization process when using Anthos.

Accelerate development velocity

Anthos increases developer productivity by providing a consistent experience and API wherever you’re operating. Instead of managing configurations and deployments, developers can focus on what they do best: writing, testing, and pushing code. With Anthos, your organization can adopt agile DevOps practices and ship code faster.

Reference pipeline for modernizing Java apps

Lift and modernize to containersContainerize with Migrate for Anthos 1Migrate to VMs on Google CloudMigrate to VMs on Google Cloud Legacy apps stay as VMs (not fit for containerization)Containerize and CI/CD Containerize Refactor into microservicesRefactor into microservicesModern CI/CD2356secure connectivity to legacy VMs using Anthos Service MeshSolutions used: Step 1: Migrate for Anthos Step 2 & 4: Anthos Step 3: Modern CI/CD with AnthosStep 5: Replatform code to modern open source-based Java frameworks like Spring Boot Step 6: VM Migration Java App0Preferred pathAnthos4

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Our partners will maximize the value of your existing application by modernizing it with the right tools and technology.

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