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Modern CI/CD with Anthos

Build a secure, scalable, and automated CI/CD pipeline with a modernized development and delivery approach that focuses on proactive issue prevention, open source, integration with your tooling, and secure supply chain.


Key benefits

Build, test, and deploy fast

Create a fully managed pipeline that scales to handle plug-ins from non cloud-native tools with open source portability on a consistent platform with automated tooling that works across deployment environments.

Create reliable applications

Create modern app development and delivery pipelines with Kubernetes experts and tools that prevent stability issues, limit the impact of issues that roll out, and are recoverable with automated tooling.

Develop securely

Embrace a security posture with applications built with a verified software supply chain, policies applied uniformly to all app destinations, and a development platform with proactive vulnerability testing.

With tight Anthos integration, GitLab accelerates your software development and delivery. Learn more

Key features

Better software development and delivery

Expert guidance from Google Cloud

Modernizing your approaches to application configuration, continuous integration, policy management, and deployment automation sounds challenging, but it doesn't have to be with guidance created by experienced Kubernetes and cloud engineers.

Open and portable

Traditional software development and delivery often meant proprietary tools that can be expensive and immobile. Google Cloud's approach uses open source, making it vendor neutral and portable.

Open and portable

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