Marketing analytics solutions

Bring all your data together to get a clearer picture of the customer journey, predict marketing and business outcomes, and create more personalized experiences for your customers.

Understand the customer journey

Understand the customer journey

Measure the various ways your customers interact with your business along the path to purchase by easily integrating data from the marketing tools you use. From ad campaigns and loyalty programs to visiting your website and app, our solution gives you deeper understanding of the moments that matter most to your business.

Ocado: Delivering big results by learning from big data

Delivers analytics results 80x faster and at 33% lower cost.

Predict marketing and business outcomes

Predict marketing and business outcomes

Use Google Cloud’s powerful machine learning to get a clearer picture of how customers will engage with your business. Forecast the impact of decisions you make, including where you invest your marketing resources.

Royal Dutch Airlines: Using predictive modeling to improve display remarketing

Achieved a 40% lower cost per booking and >2x bookings at same spend using a prediction engine built on GCP.

Personalize campaigns and customer experiences

Personalize campaigns and customer experiences

Create more engaging, personalized experiences that increase loyalty and drive revenue. Use Google Cloud to better segment your customers, generate custom audiences, and tailor content at scale.

Hearst Newspapers: Engaging readers with cloud machine learning

Targets more specific content segments and develops personalized content for specific readers.

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