Database migration

Accelerate your journey to Google Cloud

Moving your databases to the cloud can help you run and manage your applications at global scale while optimizing both efficiency and flexibility. But migration can be complex. In collaboration with our partners, Google Cloud offers guides and tools that help to simplify your database migration life cycle, from assessment to validation.

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Story features

  • Moved 3.5 PB of data in only 70 days

  • Optimized delivery of new services and features

  • Freed time for two FTEs to accelerate development cycles


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Database migration strategies

Moving to the same type of database

You can lift and shift your databases to Google Cloud using 100% open-source-compatible databases like Cloud SQL for MySQL, Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, Cloud Memorystore for Redis, and Cloud Bigtable (HBase client for Java), along with our open source partner databases like MongoDB, Datastax, Elastic, Neo4j, Influx Data, and Redis Enterprise. Built-in features like an external master for Cloud SQL help to minimize downtime during migration.

Moving to a new type of database

Whether you’re moving from proprietary to open-source databases or modernizing from traditional databases to scalable cloud-native databases, our migration assessment guides and database migration partners can help you get started and simplify your journey.

Key benefits

Optimize for cost and agility

Stay open and flexible with our fully managed, open-source-compatible databases. Access sustained-use discounts and instance sizes to fit any budget without compromising on performance.

Innovate at scale

Free up resources to focus on innovation by tapping into the uniquely scalable, highly reliable databases that power Google’s own services. You can develop your own applications with the scale, performance, and ease of use that come with our database solutions.

One Google Cloud

We integrate our databases tightly with the rest of Google Cloud’s portfolio. By migrating your databases to Google Cloud, you can apply our data analytics and machine learning solutions as well as build using application development products.

Google Cloud partners can help make your migration seamless, from assessment to validation.