Creating trust through transparency

We work hard to earn and maintain your trust by giving you a clear and detailed understanding of our process and approach to security.

Our trust principles

Your data is critical to your business, and you take great care to keep it safe and under your control. We want you to feel confident that taking advantage of Google Workspace and Google Cloud doesn't require you to compromise on security or control of your business's data.

At Google Cloud, we believe that trust is created through transparency, and we want to be transparent about our commitments and what you can expect when it comes to our shared responsibility for protecting and managing your data in the cloud.

When you use Google Workspace or Google Cloud:

  1. You own your data, not Google
  2. Google does not sell customer data to third parties
  3. Google Cloud does not use customer data for advertising
  4. All customer data is encrypted by default
  5. We guard against insider access to your data
  6. We never give any government entity "backdoor" access
  7. Our privacy practices are audited against international standards

See the Cloud Data Processing Addendum (CDPA) for further details on our data processing commitments.

We process your data only according to our data protection agreements

You control how your business's data is used. We provide deletion commitments, as well as transparency on subprocessing by vendors (such as support services). Our Privacy Resource Center outlines our Enterprise Privacy Commitments.

Trusting your data with Google Cloud whitepaper

Trusting your data with Google Workspace whitepaper

International data transfers with Google Cloud

International data transfers with Google Workspace

Data processing agreements
explain our approach to security

We explain our approach to security

We provide detailed documentation about Google Cloud's approach to security and compliance for our suite of public cloud products and services.

Google Cloud infrastructure whitepaper

Incident response whitepaper

Infrastructure availability and resiliency

Privileged access management in Google Cloud Platform whitepaper

Learn more about how we can help with vendor security assessment questionnaires.

We clearly outline our policies on government requests

In our Transparency Reports, we share our data about how the policies and actions of governments and corporations affect privacy, security, and access to information. We also detail our process for responding to government requests.

Read the government requests whitepaper

policy on requests