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Google Cloud is working with ISVs and SaaS to solve customer challenges

Partnering with independent software vendors (ISVs) and SaaS that are integrated and aligned with Google Cloud infrastructure, working together to solve customer workstyle, data utilization, marketing, and other challenges across industries.
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Cloud and apps

Power applications using Google’s data cloud

Customer demand is driving an unprecedented wave of innovation across the SaaS industry. The cloud platform powering these applications is a critical factor in the ability to innovate and optimize efficiency, while keeping customer’s data secure.

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SaaS on Google Cloud - Japan Case Study

Learn how our SaaS partners are leveraging Google Cloud to develop innovative businesses.

Introducing solutions from leading SaaS and ISV partners in Japan that work with Google Cloud

Learn about the various support programs offered by Google Cloud.

Google Cloud partner program and ecosystem - ISV support

Partner Advantage is designed to maximize partner success in business models, customer requirements, success metrics, and strategic priorities.

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ISV Support Partners

Leverage the knowledge from Cloud Ace engineers specialized in Google Cloud to facilitate a smooth design implementation, working with ISV customers on their design.

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