This is the documentation for Recommendations AI, Retail Search, and the new Retail console.

Retail API data use

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In order to use Discovery Solutions services, including the Retail API, you need to accept the Discovery Solutions data use terms, which allows us to deliver contextually relevant, high quality results. When you do so, you instruct Google to periodically access your customer data to sample model inputs and results, a process that improves the results being served by Discovery Solutions services. For example, we may look at the search or recommendations results being returned to you by the Retail API to ensure that the results make sense in the context in which you are using them.

We never share model weights or customer data across customers in the Retail API or other Discovery Solutions products. For more details about this data use, see the Discovery Solutions terms for data use.

Data privacy and security

When you accept the data use terms, Google does not access all of your data. Google only accesses the data processed by Discovery Solutions services. You can continue to use other Google Cloud projects without any effect from these Discovery Solutions data use terms.

Google does not use your data or any personally identifiable information contained in your data to target products, services, or advertising towards you, your users, or your customers. Google solely accesses this data to improve the results returned by Google Cloud products and services. Only a limited set of authorized Google employees and contractors have access to your data covered by the data use terms.

For more information about Google's security policies, see the Google Cloud security whitepaper.