Class Type (1.15.0)


The type of the entity. For most entity types, the associated metadata is a Wikipedia URL (wikipedia_url) and Knowledge Graph MID (mid). The table below lists the associated fields for entities that have different metadata.

Values: TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Unspecified. PERSON (1): Person. LOCATION (2): Location. ORGANIZATION (3): Organization. EVENT (4): Event. WORK_OF_ART (5): Artwork. CONSUMER_GOOD (6): Consumer product. OTHER (7): Other types of entities. PHONE_NUMBER (9): Phone number.

    The metadata lists the phone number (formatted according to
    local convention), plus whichever additional elements appear
    in the text:

    -  `number` - The actual number, broken down into sections
       according to local convention.
    -  `national_prefix` - Country code, if detected.
    -  `area_code` - Region or area code, if detected.
    -  `extension` - Phone extension (to be dialed after
       connection), if detected.

    The metadata identifies the street number and locality plus
    whichever additional elements appear in the text:

    -  `street_number` - Street number.
    -  `locality` - City or town.
    -  `street_name` - Street/route name, if detected.
    -  `postal_code` - Postal code, if detected.
    -  `country` - Country, if detected.
    -  `broad_region` - Administrative area, such as the
       state, if detected.
    -  `narrow_region` - Smaller administrative area, such as
       county, if detected.
    -  `sublocality` - Used in Asian addresses to demark a
       district within a city, if detected.
DATE (11):

    The metadata identifies the components of the date:

    -  `year` - Four digit year, if detected.
    -  `month` - Two digit month number, if detected.
    -  `day` - Two digit day number, if detected.
NUMBER (12):

    The metadata is the number itself.
PRICE (13):

    The metadata identifies the `value` and `currency`.