Cloud networking products

A global fiber network, connecting you to the world.

  • Protect users, resources, and environment with defense-in-depth network security

  • Ensure reliability with industry-leading SLAs and reduced lag

  • Innovate on Google Cloud using protocols like QUIC, BBR, and GRPC

Networking services and technologies

Tools that make it easy to manage and scale your networks.

Hybrid connectivity flow

Hybrid connectivity

Connect your infrastructure to GCP

Cloud Interconnect, Cloud VPN, Carrier Peering, and Direct Peering provide connectivity solutions for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Cloud Interconnect delivers an enterprise-grade connection to GCP Virtual Private Cloud. Direct Peering lets you connect directly to GCP or you can choose a partner with Carrier Peering.

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Resource networking management

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Manage networking for your resources

Provision, connect, or isolate Google Cloud Platform resources using the Google global network. Define fine-grained networking policies with Google Cloud Platform, on-premises, or public cloud infrastructure. VPC network includes granular IP address range selection, routes, firewall, Cloud VPN (Virtual Private Network), and Cloud Router.

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Global Cloud DNS flow

Cloud DNS

Highly available global DNS network

Cloud DNS is a scalable, reliable, programmable, and managed authoritative domain naming system (DNS) service running on the same infrastructure as Google. Cloud DNS translates domain names like into IP addresses like Use our simple interface, a command-line, or API to publish and manage millions of DNS zones and records.

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Networking guides and resources

Google probably has the best networking technology on the planet.

Peter Bakkum, Quizlet

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