Disconnecting Networks

To remove a connection between a Google VPC network and an interconnect, delete the related VLAN attachment (also known as an InterconnectAttachment). After you delete the attachment, no traffic can travel between the VPC network and your on-premises network though the interconnect. Also, BGP sessions that use the attachment go down.

Billing for the VLAN attachment stops when you delete it; however, you're still billed for the interconnect, even if no traffic is passing through it.


  1. Go to the Cloud Interconnect Physical connections tab in the Google Cloud Console.
    Go to Physical connections tab
  2. For the interconnect that you want to configure, select Configure.
  3. In the Router connections section, select the VLAN attachment to delete.
  4. Select the options button and choose Delete.
  5. Select Delete to confirm that you want to delete this VLAN attachment.


Delete attachments by providing the name of the attachment to delete.

  gcloud compute interconnects attachments delete [NAME]

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