Understanding Billing for GCP Marketplace

Many software packages in GCP Marketplace are free. The costs to deploy these solutions are the normal usage fees for Google Cloud Platform resources.

If you buy commercial solutions from GCP Marketplace, such as a VM with software installed, or a Kubernetes app, you are charged for the software, and for the Google Cloud Platform resources that you use. The software usage fees appear on your monthly Google Cloud Platform invoice as a separate line item.

Depending on the vendor, you might be billed in one of the following ways:

  • A flat hourly rate.
  • Based on the resources that you use, such as the number of vCPUs, memory, or GPUs in your deployment.
  • Directly by the vendor. For solutions where you are billed by the vendor, Google bills you for the infrastructure cost separately.

When you select a product in GCP Marketplace, you see an estimate of the costs you will incur. The estimates are based on the minimum recommended configuration for the product. The estimate does not include networking costs. You can modify your configuration when you deploy the product.

Stackdriver Monitoring in VM solutions

Some GCP Marketplace solutions might include Stackdriver Monitoring, which collects metrics, events, and metadata from your deployment. If you exceed the Stackdriver free usage allotment, you are charged for using Stackdriver. If you don't want to use Stackdriver Monitoring, you must disable the Stackdriver agent.

Trials for GCP Marketplace solutions

Vendors might offer trials of their solutions on GCP Marketplace, during which you can use the software without paying for the software license. During the trial, you pay only for the infrastructure that you use. For each solution, you can sign up for one trial for every billing account.

Trials include a trial period and usage credit, set by the vendor. Your trial ends when you reach the credit limit, or when the trial period expires, whichever comes first.

For example, consider a solution for which the recommended configuration is a VM with a single vCPU, and you are charged based on the number of vCPUs in your deployment. During a trial, if you choose an instance with 4 vCPUs, your hourly usage fee increases, so you might reach your credit limit before the trial period expires.

To see the status of your trial in the GCP Console, go to the Billing page. On your bill, the credit for your free trial is shown in the Credits section. GCP also sends you an email three days before your trial expires, or when less than 10% of your trial credits remain, whichever is earlier.

After your trial has ended, you can continue using the solution, and you are billed according to the pricing plan that you're on. If you want to end your trial before the trial period expires, depending on the type of software you purchased, do one of the following:

  • If you are using a VM solution, delete your deployment.

  • If you are using a managed service, open the GCP Marketplace page for the product, click Change or cancel plan, then click Cancel subscription.

  • If you are using a Kubernetes application, open the GCP Marketplace page for the product, click Manage plan, then click Cancel plan.

To see a list of your GCP Marketplace purchases, open the Marketplace page.

Billing for Kubernetes applications

GCP Marketplace includes commercial Kubernetes applications, which you can deploy to your Google Kubernetes Engine clusters.

For commercial Kubernetes applications, a billing administrator must purchase the app for your organization. After the purchase is complete, when users in your organization choose the app, a billing plan is automatically enabled for them. You are charged software usage fees for your Kubernetes containers, and for the GKE infrastructure that you use.

For steps to set up a billing plan for commercial Kubernetes apps, see Managing Billing Plans for Kubernetes Applications.

For steps to deploy a Kubernetes app to your cluster, see Deploying Kubernetes applications.

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