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Looker modeling

A single source of truth for business metrics. Deploy and test changes to metrics with confidence and enable collaboration between teams with unified measurement, connected to your business intelligence software of choice.

  • Define metrics once and use them everywhere

  • Consume shared metrics across popular BI tools and data products

  • Bring trusted data to users through the tools they already use

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Collaborate with a unified vision of your data based on standardized metrics


Build trust in data and improve decision-making

With a centralized view for metrics and data governance, you can deliver data-driven decisions with information unified across your entire organization.

Reduce information silos across teams

Enhance collaboration across projects, teams, and departments through alignment around the same numbers, improving communication.

Reliable metrics where your users work

Simplify the process of accessing modeled and trusted data by bringing the models to the applications your users already leverage, reducing need for new skills.

Key features

Key features

A standalone metrics layer

Looker modeling separates Looker's LookML query engine from the BI consumption layer, enabling it to function as a standalone metrics layer or headless BI server. Customers can build and deploy LookML semantic models for data governance and consume those metric definitions in their BI tool of choice.

Looker modeling metrics can be consumed everywhere, including across popular BI tools such as Connected SheetsLooker Studio, Looker Studio Pro, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and ThoughtSpot. 

Freshest data queries to eliminate stale reports

Looker modeling works across cloud databases, querying the freshest data available, avoiding the need to manage data extracts, and helping to minimize the risk of insights and reports (including those that impact financial decisions) being days or weeks out of date.

SQL interface to connect to Looker via JDBC

Looker modeling offers a new SQL interface that allows tools that speak SQL to connect to Looker via JDBC. This new capability is another step toward our vision of making Looker the most open BI platform, bringing trusted data to all types of users through the tools they already use. 

Integration with the Google Cloud ecosystem

Looker modeling is deeply integrated with Google Cloud's product family. It is available from the Google Cloud console, offers direct connectivity to BigQuery datasets and more. 



With Looker, you get more than just a BI tool. You gain Looker analytics, a modern data stack, integrations, features for app development, comprehensive professional services, and world-class support. We have a variety of plans that are designed to meet your unique business needs.

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