Logs Viewer (Preview) overview

Cloud Logging is introducing a new user interface for analyzing logs data: Logs Viewer (Preview). It is more responsive and introduces new features for letting you quickly and efficiently retrieve, view, and analyze logs from your queries.

While the Logs Viewer (Preview) is being enhanced, the Logs Viewer (Classic) will continue to be maintained. You can switch back and forth between the Logs Viewer (Classic) and the Logs Viewer (Preview) when analyzing logs.

Logs Viewer (Preview): Existing and upcoming features

The Logs Viewer (Preview) is not yet feature complete. New features will continue to be added. See the following table for the current and planned features for the Logs Viewer (Preview):

Feature Logs Viewer (Preview)
Pin log entry Yes
Show log entry in resource context Yes
Copy link to log entry Yes
Use recent queries (New) Yes
Use suggested queries (New) Yes
View logs-based metrics using the Logs Dashboard (New) Yes
Analyze logs and refine queries with Logs field explorer (New) Yes
View logs histograms (New) Yes
Query logs using regular expressions (New) Yes
Expand nested fields Yes
Time range selector Yes
Show matching entries Yes
Add field to summary line Yes
Change the time zone logs are displayed in Yes
View organization and folder level logs Yes
Copy log entry to clipboard Yes
Use Jump to now to refine queries based on time Yes
Use saved queries Yes
Show newest logs either first or last Yes
Use shared queries In progress
Create logs sinks from the UI In progress
Download logs In progress
Stream logs In progress

For an overview of the Logs Viewer (Preview), go to Using Logs Viewer (Preview).

For an overview of the Logs Viewer (Classic), go to Using Logs Viewer (Classic).