Accelerate drug discovery and precision medicine with Google Cloud

Bring therapeutics to market faster by enabling more efficient in silico drug design with Target and Lead ID Suite.

Turbocharge precision medicine by transforming multiomics data into insights with Multiomics Suite.


What is the Target and Lead Identification Suite?

The Target and Lead Identification Suite enables more efficient in silico drug design: researchers can quickly predict antibody structures, assess the structure and function of amino acid mutagenesis, and accelerate de novo protein design.

This solution also enables lead optimization that can be used to discover novel, high quality candidates at low cost; for quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) studies; or for free energy perturbation (FEP) calculations.

What are the benefits of the Target and Lead ID Suite?

Better prediction and molecule recovery: Predict target protein structures accurately using only the amino acid sequence as input.

Optimize compute resources and lower costs for lead discovery: Characterize targets and discover high-quality lead candidate molecules by easily scaling up and down HPC resources as needed.

Deploy scalable and reproducible workflows: Reimagine the end-to-end process with reproducible and cost-effective workflows that produce effective lead candidates.

What is the Multiomics Suite?

The Multiomics Suite turbocharges precision medicine care by transforming multiomics data into insights to efficiently advance scientific discoveries.

Streamline and accelerate analysis of genomic data, design clinical genomics and accelerate personalized medicine, interpret genomic data to unlock new discoveries, and build scalable and reproducible workflows to drive efficiencies between researchers and data scientists to collaborate, saving time on developing net new paths, algorithms, or methods. 

What are the benefits of the Multiomics Suite?

Accelerate genomic analysis with cloud computing and AI: Store, process, and analyze genomic data for analysis in a scalable, cost-effective, and secure manner.

Improve precision-medicine-guided drug development: Accelerate identification of novel drug targets and genetically stratified clinical trials by ingesting and processing multimodal datasets at scale.

Build scalable and reproducible workflows: Reduce the amount of manual intervention required by standardizing genomic identification processes.