Cloud Healthcare API

Unlock your healthcare data to power insights and AI

A secure, compliant, fully managed service for ingesting, transforming and storing healthcare data in FHIR, HL7v2, and DICOM formats, and unstructured text.

New customers get $300 in free credits to spend on Cloud Healthcare API.

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Integration with prebuilt AI and machine learning tools

Cloud Healthcare API allows you to unlock the true value of your healthcare data by enabling integration with advanced analytics and machine learning solutions such as BigQuery, AutoML, and Vertex AI.

Managed scalability

Cloud Healthcare API provides web-native, serverless scaling optimized by Google’s infrastructure. Simply activate the API and start sending requests—no initial capacity configuration required. Although some limits exist (such as Pub/Sub quotas), capacity can expand to match usage patterns.

Enhanced data liquidity

Cloud Healthcare API supports bulk import and export of FHIR data and DICOM data, accelerating time-to-delivery for solutions with dependencies on existing datasets, and providing a convenient API for moving data between projects.

Developer friendly

Cloud Healthcare API organizes your healthcare information into datasets with one or more modality-specific store per set. Each store exposes both a REST and RPC interface. You can use Identity and Access Management to set fine-grained access policies.