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Google Cloud for State and Local Government

Improve the lives of your constituents and empower your workforce with Google Cloud’s interoperable, intelligent, and transformative solutions.

  • State of Arizona
  • State of Illinois
  • City of Los Angeles
  • NYC Cyber Command
  • Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
  • City of Pittsburgh
  • County of Placer, CA
  • State of West Virginia
  • Eagle County, CO
  • State of Hawaii


Google for Government solutions

Modernize IT and operations with secure cloud solutions and infrastructure

Improve your customer service and operational efficiency with AI-driven virtual agents that speak naturally with customers and assist human agents on complex cases.

Increase accuracy and cut service delivery time by extracting structured data from a high volume of documents such as applications, handwritten forms, and more.

Make your content and apps multilingual with fast, dynamic machine translation. Answer constituent calls and translate 311 calls or documents in 120 languages. 

Accelerate service delivery via a modern suite of tools to support social services and labor assistance efforts including food, cash, housing, employment and more.

Benefits integrity

Use AI to identify fraudulent and erroneous applications before funds are distributed, thwarting bad actors and speeding aid to those in need including unemployment.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by migrating your applications from legacy mainframe systems to Google Cloud’s scalable, flexible, and secure environments.

Deliver big data insights at scale with AI/ML

Cyber analytics

Our analytics and threat hunting tools can help your security teams prevent cyber attacks by improving their situational awareness, speed, agility, and scale.

Public health decision support tools

Transform public health officials’ ability to detect, evaluate, and manage pandemic risks by effectively engaging and educating the public at large.

Safety and traffic analytics

Use real-time data to detect unsafe locations such as past crash, road, traffic, and other data, and make your transportation network safer for everyone.

Transportation equity and accessibility

Measure factors impacting road and pedestrian incidents, car dependence, and transit options to understand what's driving inequity and make change in your community.

Accelerate scientific discoveries, simplify research IT, dynamically scale up or down, and leverage AI/ML tools securely with ease within a deterministic cost model.

Increase climate resilience and manage the impacts of climate change to help improve your communities.

Enable your workforce with collaboration tools

Utilize the best of Google’s collaboration and communication tools in offerings—and with pricing—that meet the needs of the public sector.

New features like breakout rooms, polling, hand raising, moderation, and Jamboard empower collaboration and virtual event moderation for this ever-evolving tool.

Virtual career centers

Makeover the job seeking experience by creating a personalized journey for employers, job seekers, and career counselors to help constituents find jobs.

Digitized constituent services

Provide better citizen services via live video delivery of tasks like DMV license and registration renewals, identity verification, document validity, and more.

Build in-demand skills in the high-growth fields of cloud computing, data analytics, digital marketing & e-commerce, IT support, project management, and UX design.

Google Public Sector

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State and local government partners

Our trusted industry partners can help your organization navigate every stage of digital transformation to achieve your mission and better serve your constituents.


Security and compliance

Google Cloud’s defense-in-depth security protects state and local government data at global scale. We can help you meet your technical needs and detect and manage against security risks before they become threats.

Achieve compliance without compromise. Google Cloud's certifications, technical capabilities, guidance documents, and legal commitments support your compliance requirements.

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