Managing Firestore in Datastore mode from the Console

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This page describes how to view and manage the entities, indexes, and statistics for the data your application stores in your database.

Viewing Datastore statistics

Go to the Datastore Dashboard to view data for the entities in your application, as well as statistics for the built-in and composite indexes.

Go to the Datastore Dashboard page

The dashboard should look like:

Datastore Dashboard

For more information about the statistics on this page, see Viewing Statistics in the Console.

Viewing indexes

Go to the Indexes page to view a table of your application's indexes.

Go to the Indexes page

For each index, you should see its status, such as whether it is ready to serve your application. You should also see the amount of storage space used by the index and the number of entries in each index.

Viewing entities

Go to the Entities page to view the entities that your application stored in your database.

Go to the Entities page

You should see:

Datastore Entities page

You can also create, update, delete, and query entities on this page. Learn how in the Quickstart.

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