Qubit: Designing a personalization platform for online retailers with Google Cloud Platform

Qubit provides a cloud-based digital experience management platform that changes the way businesses understand and influence their customers. They accomplish this by personalizing content based on detailed, real-time customer data.

The latest deployment of the Qubit platform is built primarily on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) because it’s easy to manage and flexible. Qubit engineers leverage the sophisticated data processing and analytics tools available.

“The amount of data we were processing was growing fast, more than doubling every year. Google Cloud Platform helps us meet the technical challenges of processing billions of data points a day, and provides us with the tools to quickly release products and solutions that help our clients deliver meaningful customer experiences.”

— Jibran Saithi, Lead Architect, Qubit

Helping websites personalize customer experiences

With GCP, Qubit transforms raw data into useful customer insights and context that fuels the customization of a visitor’s experience. Google Cloud Dataflow streams, processes and prepares the data. It sends the data to Google Cloud Bigtable, Google’s NoSQL big data database service, and Google BigQuery, Google's fully managed, petabyte-scale, low cost analytics data warehouse. BigQuery and Bigtable power Qubit Visitor Cloud dashboards to help Qubit customers offer personalized content. For example, a site can notify customers when a product is close to being sold out, increasing demand and revenue. GCP also powers analytics that allow Qubit customers to perform A/B testing to determine which messages, web designs, and personalizations are most effective.

“The speed and scalability of BigQuery and Bigtable translate into major benefits for our customers. They can find answers faster. We’ve seen previous Hadoop based aggregations go from more than 15 minutes to 15 seconds in GCP”, Saithi says.

Freeing engineers to focus on what they do best

Qubit developers now spend their time analyzing data and developing new features instead of managing infrastructure. GCP also minimizes operating costs because Qubit only has to pay for the resources it uses, rather building its own cloud infrastructure or paying more for cloud-based competitors.

“With Google Cloud Platform’s fully managed services, we don’t have to worry about provisioning, machine types or managing infrastructure. We can focus on giving our customers the best platform for delivering a customized experience for their users. Dataflow, Bigtable and BigQuery process massive amounts of data and give us the analytics tools to help our customers turn it into valuable information”, Saithi says.